Roof Maintenance and Inspections

Repair authorization

When pricing a residential job, we will give free estimates for re-roofs but not repairs. You will find a repair authorization that can be e-mailed to us. We have a minimum charge of $250.00. If your roof is worn to the point that a permanent repair can’t perform as intended, we will measure your roof, and give you a quote to replace the roof as necessary. If you purchase the replacement roof from us at that time, we will discount the cost of the repair from the final bill.

Roof Inspections

Swope and Associates is a sister company of Tampa Roofing Company. Will can use our roofing experience that goes back continuously through the history of roofing since before 1936 when Bob Rentz started Rentz Roofing. We have two certified professional state certified roofing contractors, and two state certified general contractors that can not only inspect and make recommendations for the upkeep or replacement of your system. We have people who continuously update their knowledge on all types of roofing systems, as well as serving on both code committees, and working with Florida Roofing, Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (FRSA) and National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) to keep aware of any roofing success and failures within the roofing industry throughout the United States, and Europe.

By working closely with Swope and Associates, we have the ability to have Tampa Roofing Company pick up the cost for the inspection service when using them for the detailed work that they identify.

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