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At Tampa Roofing and the original Rentz Roofing, we have seen many changes in the old hot asphalt built up roofing systems, where the system is done in multi layers, and the system is built up on the roofing surface. Over the years the main roofing felts have changed from the original rag felts that were made from cotton rags, to asbestos felts, back to rag felts that were really made with wood pulp fillers, to fiberglass felts, to the current composition of fiberglass and polyester roofing felts. The one constant in all of the systems is the use of hot asphalt as the waterproofing agent. In the past the standard at Tampa Roofing Co. was the old asphalt and gravel flood coat that gave the system the expanded life expectancy.

The old asphalt and gravel system is still used, but in a much more limited capacity. There are many surfacing materials that are available that the new systems not only outperform the old systems, without the asphalt and gravel surface, it is a lot easier and cost effective to do any maintenance and leak repairs (See below pictures of Eisenhower Tech Park before and then after photos).


Tampa Roofing Company has every piece of equipment necessary to install as perfect and up to date built up roofing system available today. We have Lift trucks, dump trucks, fume collection kettles, power brooms, asphalt luggers, insulation carts, etc. We have purchased and tried every option available, and we have found there are flaws and problems that arise from using the mechanical equipment for dispersing or mopping asphalt. However, a lot of built up roofing today is done with asphalt dispensers and felt layers, and we have found that it is impossible to start and stop a roll of felt without getting puddles at the beginning, or dry mopping the first 12″ of the roll, or both. The dispensers can’t mop felt all of the way to the outside edge, or wall, and have a difficult time around all penetrations, equipment, and drains. Even if you hand mop at all of these junctures, there is almost always a dry spot created in the system. Since any time there is a dry spot, there is a blister, we do not feel this is the system we want to install.

Another problem with asphalt dispensers is the problem of displaced asphalt. Any time there is a load placed on asphalt that has been applied to a system, and the asphalt has not had time to cool and harden, there is an area where the asphalt has been pushed out or displaced from the original area, and into a lump next to it. In roofing terms we simply use the term of displaced asphalt. Any time an asphalt dispenser that ways around 100 pounds, and is loaded with another 100 pounds is rolled over the area for the next of felt to be rolled out, the bottom side wheel is rolling over the brand new freshly rolled roofing felts, and leaves a rut from the displaced asphalt. You can go onto an old roof, and see where the wheels rolled and pushed the asphalt aside. Rentz Roofing, and now Tampa Roofing has been hand rolling, and hand mopping felts in for over 75 years with great success, and unless another better way comes along, they will continue what they are doing.

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